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Tissot PRC 200: Classic, Sporty & Versatile

The Tissot PRC 200 collection is home to many all-purpose watches with classic yet sporty designs. These timepieces feature either quartz or automatic movements, while top-grade models have a chronograph complication.

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Swiss Watchmaking at Entry-Level Prices

The PRC 200 collection from Tissot comprises a range of quartz-powered, stainless steel chronographs. For the dials, you can choose between blue, silver, black, and white. All models are water-resistant to 200 m (20 bar, 656 ft), which makes them suitable for diving. Inside the cases are quartz calibers from Swiss movement manufacturer ETA. As for bands, you can pair these Tissot watches with a stainless steel bracelet, rubber strap, or leather band. Each PRC 200 watch is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Earlier PRC 200 collections had models that were available either with automatic movements or quartz calibers from ETA, as well as in case sizes ranging from 34 to 44 mm. You can buy pre-owned and new models from earlier production phases on Chrono24.

Reasons to Buy a Tissot PRC 200

  • Powermatic 80 caliber with 80-hour power reserve
  • Sporty design for every occasion
  • Water-resistant to 200 m (20 bar, 656 ft)
  • Chronographs and three-hand watches
  • Outstanding value for money

Price Overview for the Tissot PRC 200

Reference Price (approx.) Caliber, diameter
T055.427.11.017.00780 USDAutomatic, 44 mm
T055.427.11.057.00680 USDAutomatic, 44 mm
T055.430.16.017.00520 USDAutomatic, 39 mm
T114.417.11.037.00420 USDQuartz, 43 mm
T055.417.11.057.00400 USDQuartz, 42 mm
T055.417.11.017.01400 USDQuartz, 42 mm
T114.417.33.057.00380 USDQuartz, 42 mm
T055.417.17.057.00370 USDQuartz, 42 mm
T055. USDQuartz, 35 mm
T114.417.17.037.02320 USDQuartz, 43 mm
T055. USDQuartz, 34 mm
T17.1.586.52300 USDQuartz, 39 mm
T055.410.16.037.00280 USDQuartz, 39 mm

How much does a Tissot PRC 200 cost?

You can buy a quartz-powered PRC 200 with three hands for around 280 USD; for example, the 39-mm ref. T055.410.16.037.00 with a silver dial. If you're looking for a quartz chronograph in this size, then take a look at the ref. T17.1.586.52 for 300 USD. For around 530 USD, you can get yourself the 39-mm automatic chronograph ref. T055.430.16.017.00. The chronograph ref. T055.427.11.017.00 is a tad larger at 44 mm, and is therefore perfect for more sizable wrists. This model requires an investment of around 780 USD. Tissot designed the ref. T055. as a chronograph for women; it measures 34 mm across and is particularly thin. Prices for women's Tissot watches start at around 290 USD.

PRC 200 Quartz Chronographs

A watch that perfectly exemplifies what the PRC 200 chronographs have to offer is the ref. T055.417.11.057.00. This model sports a black dial with applied bar indices and Arabic numerals at 3, 9, and 12 o'clock. The rehaut features a tachymeter scale, which you can use to calculate speeds and distances.

The quartz caliber G10.211 from ETA keeps this watch ticking over. The movement provides a central 60-second chronograph hand, as well as subdials for a 30-minute and 1/10-of-a-second counter. This PRC 200 model also boasts an ADD and SPLIT function, as well as a date display at 4 o'clock. The subdials are located 2, 6, and 10 o'clock. This model comes on a five-piece link stainless steel bracelet with partially polished center links.

Prices for mint-condition examples come in at around 390 USD on Chrono24. The watch is also available with a silver or blue dial for a similar price. If you would rather pair it with a rubber strap, you can expect to pay 370 USD.

Fans of black chronographs should check out the ref. T114.417.33.057.00. The case, bracelet, dial, and subdials are all black; only the indices, tachymeter scale, and lettering offer contrast in bright white. In addition to the time and chronograph functions, the ETA G10.212 also offers an end-of-life display that tells you when the battery needs to be replaced. Plan to spend around 380 USD on one of these timepieces.

The ref. T114.417.17.037.02 is a stainless steel chronograph measuring 43 mm across. The dial is white with black subdials. All inscriptions and numbering are also black, which provide a stark contrast with the white indices and red dots on the hands and dial edge. A red rubber strap holds the watch securely on the wrist. You can buy this sporty chronograph for around 320 USD.

Quartz Chronographs for Women

Tissot also produces numerous chronograph watches for women such as the ref. T055. This timepiece has a diameter of only 35 mm and is therefore perfect for slender wrists. The white dial boasts golden applied indices and hands. In addition to the time display, the model offers a 10-hour counter, 30-minute counter, and a small seconds subdial. As is standard for chronographs in the PRC 200 collection, there is a tachymeter scale on the rehaut and a date display at 4 o'clock. Prices for this Tissot watch on a white leather strap come in at around 340 USD.

The dial of the ref. T055. is particularly classy with its silver hands and indices. It is also slightly more affordable than the former model at roughly 290 USD.

PRC 200 With Automatic Calibers

There are no longer any automatic PRC 200 in the current collection, but you can still buy pre-owned examples in mint condition on Chrono24. The three-hand watches are outfitted with ETA's Powermatic 80, while Tissot uses the tried-and-true ETA Valjoux 7750 for the chronographs.

The ref. T055.430.16.017.00 is a streamlined watch displaying the hours, minutes, and seconds as well as a day-date function at 3 o'clock. The dial is white, while the hands and baton indices are black. Only the Arabic numerals at the 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions match the dial color. The model has a diameter of 39 mm, which makes it a great unisex watch. The caseback is transparent, revealing the Powermatic 80 at work. The watch comes on a black leather strap and costs about 520 USD in mint condition. You can buy a black dial version for a similar price.

If you're looking for an automatic PRC 200 chronograph, you should check out the ref. T055.427.11.057.00. This model measures 44 mm across and looks great on larger wrists. The design is mostly what you would expect from a quartz chronograph. The subdials, however, are found at 6, 9, and 12 o'clock because of the Valjoux 7750. The case is paired with a stainless steel bracelet and costs around 680 USD new.

The ref. T055.427.11.017.00 offers the same technology, but features a white dial. The hands and baton indices are black, while the subdials and Arabic numerals at 3, 9, and 12 o'clock match the dial color. You can expect one of these timepieces to set you back around 780 USD.

Tissot PRC 200 | Chrono24.com (2024)
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