Paige VanZant vs. Elle Brooke full fight video highlights (2024)

Watch Paige VanZant vs. Elle Brooke full fight video highlights from their main event showdown Sunday night, courtesy of multiple outlets.

Brooke vs. VanZant took place May 25 at the NRG Arena in Houston, Texas. Elle Brooke (2-0-1) and Paige VanZant (0-0-1) squared off in the the main event clash. The fight aired live on DAZN.

Official decision: Paige VanZant vs. Elle Brooke ruled split draw

Catch all the video highlights below.

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DOWN GOES VANZANT #XSeries15 | @MisfitsBoxing | May 25

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SHOWTIME Elle Brooke makes her way to the ring ✅#XSeries15 | @MisfitsBoxing | May 25

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Ready to go ‍ @paigevanzant showcasing her skills ahead of her Misfits Boxing debut

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Power shots

Final preparations for @holdthatelle ahead of her first title defence

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The @paigevanzant is ready for her shot at the MFB Women’s Middleweight Title

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The @holdthatelle arrives ahead of her fight against @paigevanzant

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For more on Brooke vs. VanZant, check out the live blog below.

Prefight: I’m going to level with you: this has not been a good night of fights so far. Six fights down, six decisions, and not a lot of good action. Thus far the most interesting thing that’s happened is Antonio Brown randomly showing up to walk Le’Veon Bell to the ring.

But now we’re to the main event. Will it be good? Questionable. PVZ hasn’t won a fight in five years and Elle Brooke is not amazing. But PVZ is a scrapper so at least there’s a high likelihood of something fun, if nothing else.

Walkouts: PVZ walks out to something latin and cool. She’s singing and looks in good spirits, rocking black shorts and a black top. She also has a huge back tattoo that I don’t remember seeing before.

Brooke is in blue and red shorts with a white top as she dances her way to the ring. Notably, I don’t see her middleweight title. It’s almost go time.

The announcer goes to work. James Green is the referee. The two women meet for a final face off and they do touch gloves. Let’s get to it.

Round 1: Both women are out in orthodox and Brooke takes the center to start. PVZ bouncing around the outside. Brooke lands a jab and PVZ returns with a combination of hooks. And that happens again. And again. PVZ is throwing in bunches and Brooke is sticking the jab.

Brooke sticks the jab again but lands a hook at the end of PVZ’s combo. They’re getting in thre and exchanging. Brooke snaps PVZ’s head with another hook but she eats it well. PVZ stays on her but she doesn’t seem to have enough pop to hurt Brooke, at least thus far.

OH! Right hook drops PVZ! They’re exchanging inside and Brooke found a short shot in the middle that landed clean. PVZ beats the count and Brooke jumps on her but it’s only two-minute rounds so PVZ makes it to the break.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 Brooke.

Round 2: PVZ’s corner talks her through it during the break and she comes out with a different gameplan as she starts jabbing immediately. Brooke still throwing limited punches but she’s staying tight inside.

PVZ sits on a combo but she lacks power in there. Brooke trying to land the big right hand and OH! PVZ lands a thunderous combo that gets Brooke’s attention. Brooke clinching in there now, trying to recover as PVZ cracked her. PVZ pouring on volume and Brooke sitting on bigger shots but PVZ is taking those shots well now. This is turning into a fun little brawl.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 VanZant, 19-18 Brooke overall.

Round 3: PVZ is the one on the lead now. She’s coming forward and bringing the pressure to Brooke. Brooke throwing single jabs and then big right power shots to back her off. PVZ is slipping those more though and she’s working in combination, behind a lead jab. Brooke tags the body and Brooke may be slowing down a bit. PVZ is not.

Brooke is showing some actual craft inside but PVZ is simply out-scrapping her. Brooke throwing the bigger shots but PVZ walking through it all now. But Brooke lands a monster right and another just before the bell. PVZ ate them well, but that might’ve stolen the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Brooke, 29-27 Brooke overall.

Round 4: PVZ keeps coming forward behind her jab now, doubled and tripled up. Brooke retreating and jabbing, looking for power counters. PVZ is giving her the chance as she leaves herself open during these exchanges. PVZ doesn’t seem to care anymore though. She’s pouring on the pressure, and let the chips fall where they may.

Brooke lands another right hand but it’s one versus 20 and Brooke’s nose is bleeding. PVZ lands a good uppercut and Brooke starting to clinch for safety. PVZ keeps the volume going right to the end of the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 VanZant, 38-37 Brooke overall.

Round 5: Final round and VanZant needs to win it to salvage a draw. She comes out pumping the jab and lands a huge left! Brooke’s head snaps back but she bites down and returns.

Brooke now trying to take the lead and both women are upping the output. PVZ’s hands are in constant motion but Brooke lands a right hand. Brooke trying to slip inside but she’s slowing a bit. PVZ lands a nice uppercut and Brooke clinches. Brooke really selling out for the right hand with 30 seconds left as PVZ keeps marching onward. Both women exchange big shots and we get to a clinch. PVZ hammers to the body inside as the round and the fight ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 VanZant, 47-47 overall for a draw.

Paige VanZant vs. Elle Brooke full fight video highlights (2024)
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