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If you happen to visit Berlin for a bit longer, you may want to get your dirty laundry clean. Most Berlin Hotels and Hostels do actually offer a laundry service. But if you actually happen to stay longer, chances are you are actually not staying in a Hotel or Hostel – but in an apartment.

Some larger short-term rental apartments might have a separate laundry room. Smaller apartments often have at least a washing machine, often located in the bathroom – but that very much depends on the apartment owner / the tenant. Chances are, that privately rented apartments do have some sort of laundry facility built in, whereas professionally rented apartment don’t. Some apartment houses may even have utility rooms or laundry rooms, equipped with a couple of washing machines, that can be used by the tenants of the house.

But often you may find yourself without a washing machine at hand. Be it because you just moved into a new apartment, or because your washing machine just broke down, or the apartment you rented for a couple of days or weeks is just not equipped with a washing machine. Some people may also just prefer not to own a washing machine and visit the local laundromat instead. In the end, it can be a nice way to get in touch with the neighborhood while doing the laundry, maybe chat with some neighbors, or just read a book.

Good news is: there are still quite a number of self-service laundromats in Berlin. And most of them are in pretty good shape. Many Berlin laundromats today offer Wireless Internet Access, often free of charge for clients. Other laundromats may also offer way more than just access to washing machines and internet: some will serve coffee, food, drinks – or even public events: readings, gigs, concerts or even parties. So it may be well worth to check out your local launderette – even if you don’t need to get any dirty laundry done.

Berlin Laundromat Map

Here’s a map with self-service laundromats in Berlin. Please feel free to add your suggestions, recommendation and maybe also your experiences in the comments. Happy laundry day!

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And now for the list of self-service laundromats

Until I have a proper databse set up, this laundromat-list is ordered simply by postal code:

Waschsalon 115

self-service laundromat, Café, Bar
Torstraße 115, 10119 Berlin – Mitte

Eco-Express Waschsalon

Torstrasse 109, 10119 Berlin Mitte

Eco-Express Waschsalon

Warschauer Strasse 22, 10243 Berlin Friedrichshain


self-service laundromat, Café, WiFi
Revaler Straße 15, 10245 Berlin Friedrichshain

Lavanderia Café mit Waschsalon

self-service laundromat, Café, Restaurant, Breakfast, WiFi
Lenbachstr. 1 (crossing Boxhagener Str. / Wühlischstr. 58), 10245 Berlin – Friedrichshain

Waschcenter Waschsalon

Irenenstrasse 5, 10317 Berlin Lichtenberg

SB-Waschsalon Schnell&Sauber

Frankfurter Allee 223, 10365 Berlin Lichtenberg


self-service laundromat, Café, Bar, Sports Bar
drinks, snacks, coffee, cakes, WiFi
Paul-Robeson-Straße 42, 10439 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

SB-Waschsalon Schnell&Sauber

self-service laundromat
Oderberger Straße 1, 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Eco-Express Waschsalon

self-service laundromat
Danziger Straße 7, 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Eco-Express Waschsalon

Greifswalder Strasse 225, 10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Waschcenter Waschsalon (closed since 31 August 2015)

Hufelandstrasse 28, 10407 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Waschcenter Waschsalon

Wichertstrasse 9, 10439 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Freddy Leck sein Waschsalon

self-service laundromat, laundry service, carpets, blankets, etc.
But also: kitchen, music, coffee, cake, etc.
Gotzkowskystrasse 11, 10555 Berlin – Moabit / Tiergarten

Eco-Express Waschsalon

Leibnizstrasse 20, 10625 Berlin Charlottenburg

Waschcenter Waschsalon

Westfälische Strasse 70 /Nestorstrasse, 10709 Berlin Wilmersdorf

Schleudertraum Wilmersdorf

Hohenzollerndamm 194, 10717 Berlin

TOGO – Waschwelt

self service laundrette
Uhlandstrasse 53, 10719 Berlin Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf

Schleudertraum Schöneberg

Bayerischer Platz 11
10779 Berlin Schöneberg

Eco-Express Waschsalon

Winterfeldtstraße 6, 10781 Berlin Schöneberg

Waschsalon Blitz-Blank

self-service laundromat
Innsbrucker Straße 58 10825 Berlin – Schöneberg

Eco-Express Waschsalon

self-service laundromat
Hauptstraße 127 10827 Berlin Schöneberg

Waschhaus O38

self-service laundromat, Café next door
Ohlauer Straße 38, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Eco-Express Waschsalon

Mehringdamm 122-126, 10965 Berlin Kreuzberg / Tempelhof

SB-Waschsalon Schnell & Sauber

Reuterstrasse 34, 12047 Berlin Neukölln

Eco-Express Waschsalon

Hermannstraße 74, 12049 Berlin Neukölln

Schnell & Sauber – Waschcenter Neukölln

Karl-Marx-Strasse 243 / Lahnstrasse, 12057 Berlin Neukölln

Waschsalon Schnell & Sauber

self-service laundromat, WiFI
Hauptstraße 77, 12159 Berlin Schöneberg

Schnell & Sauber – Friedenauer Waschsalon

self-service laundromat, free WiFI, Cafés nearby
Rheinstraße 62, 12159 Berlin Schöneberg Friedenau

Schleudertraum Steglitz

Schildhornstraße 1, 12163 Berlin Steglitz

Waschcenter Waschsalon

Edisonstrasse 52 / Siemensstrasse, 12459 Berlin Schöneweide

Schleudertraum Köpenick / Schöneweide

Wilhelminenhof Strasse 82a
12459 Berlin Köpenick / Schöneweide

Eco-Express Waschsalon

Blumberger Damm 150, 12685 Berlin Marzahn

Waschcenter Waschsalon

Berliner Strasse 100, 13189 Berlin Pankow

Eco-Express Waschsalon

Stettiner Strasse 13, 13357 Berlin Wedding / Gesundbrunnen

SB-Waschsalon Schnell&Sauber

Oranienburger Strasse 196, 13437 Berlin Wittenau

Eco-Express Waschsalon

Klosterstrasse 31, 13581 Berlin Spandau

Waschcenter Waschsalon

Pichelsdorfer Strasse 25, 13595 Berlin Spandau

Schleudertraum Spandau

Gartenfelder Strasse 109, 13699 Berlin Spandau

Schleudertraum Grunewald

Auerbacher Strasse 10, 14193 Berlin Grunewald

Missing anything? Please feel free to leave a comment below… Cheers!

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Do you have and thoughts, suggestions, additional recommendations or comments? Please feel free to leave your comment below. Thank you!

Berlin Info: Self-Service Laundry – Berlin laundromats - nuBerlin (2024)
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